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[ Accessories ] Airbot iRoom 1.0 / 2.0

RM89.90 MYR

Parts Name


  • The warranty service period is one year;
  • For example, the product belongs to general maintenance: buyers will bear round -trip freight, tariffs and insurance premiums (such as applicable); if the product occurs within the scope of warranty within the free warranty service period, Airbot will bear freight; In service period or warranty range, buyers will bear round -trip freight, tariffs and insurance premiums (if any), etc.
  • Please provide the details of the items returned, including the returned accessories (such as include);
  • It is recommended to use the original packaging box;

Delivery and Shipping

We are currently transported to Malaysia. Standard transportation usually takes 3-14 days. International transportation time depends on products and destinations.


Notice : 

  • Accessories and spare part replacement
  • iRoom & iRoom 2.0 SOME replacement part are NOT compatible with each other. Please select the right model before buying.


Warranty :

  • Spare part replacement     
  • 6 month warranty provided cover for electrical part ONLY


It DOES NOT cover :

  • Any damages due to human mistake, misuse, misconduct
  • Scratches, dent marks, or any other mechanical mark on product
  • Degradation of battery
  • Consumable parts such as fluffy brush, HEPA filter, roller wheels, dust cup, which are subjected to wear and tear

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[ Accessories ] Airbot iRoom 1.0 / 2.0

From RM29.90 MYR

Notice : 


Warranty :


It DOES NOT cover :


  • iRoom 1.0
  • iRoom 2.0

Parts Name

  • Battery 26.5V
  • Charging Adaptor 22V
  • Charging Adapter 26.5V (L)
  • Charging adaptor 26.5V + Battery 26.5V
  • Dust Mite Brush
  • Flex Tube
  • Floor Brush
  • Fluffy Roller
  • HEPA Filter
  • Motor
  • Wind Tube (Purple)
  • 2-in-1 Soft Brush
  • Handle
  • Battery
  • Charging adaptor 26.5V + Battery
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